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We will design and produce paper bags for you in any composition Our graphic studio provides full support right from the bag design stage. We offer any print finish, paper weight and choice of accessories to create your own unique paper bag with or without print.

We have been manufacturing advertising bags
for years.

Duet – paper bags manufacturer. We are professionals. Our graphic design studio provides full support already at the stage of bag design. We offer you the freedom in print refinement, grammage and the choice of accessories to make your own unique bag. Thanks to a 3-stage quality control, we are able to ensure that the paper bags: occasional, laminated, Eco and advertising bags you receive will meet the highest standards. We guarantee reliability, integrity and order timeliness, regardless of the size of your order. We create unique paper bags for: companies, businesses, local governments and various organisations. All our products are made entirely in Poland.


Paper, Advertising Bags and Packaging

Top quality paper bags,
with individual printing.

The scope of our business activity focuses mainly on premium printed paper bags. Offset print enables creating bags of the highest quality, while ensuring complete product personalisation. We are able to print all, even the most complex designs. We also offer other marking techniques, such as screen printing or hot-stamping. As a manufacturer of paper bags, we offer the possibility of customising all elements of the bags according to the individual preferences of the customer. In our range, we have laminated bags: matte, glossy, protected by soft touch foil (velvet to the touch) or anti-scratch foil. It is possible to apply UV varnish selectively on the surface of the bag or to stamp specific elements. We use only selected papers and cardboard for the production of paper bags. A wide range of available handles, such as cotton or polypropylene cord, satin, baize or cotton ribbons, allows the customer to choose the right solution, tailored to their individual design. Our offer also includes solutions for closing the bag with an impressive bow. We encourage you to read through the catalogue of accessories and refinements to get to know the full extent of our offer.


We manufacture our products in Poland
for customers from all over Europe

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We use environmentally sound materials for production. This makes our bags eco-friendly. An additional advantage is the possibility of repeated use, which makes them even more eco-friendly. The Classic Eko + paper bag is a great alternative to Exclusive bags, while maintaining the same strength and workmanship quality. In our offer, you will find a wide range of papers, including 100% recycled ones. You can find our range of eco-friendly paper bags on our website.

Wide range, universal use

In order to meet customer requirements, we continuously implement the latest and most effective solutions in the scope of paper, printing, refinement methods and production. As a reputable manufacturer, we offer the possibility to order products in any size with a minimum order of 100 pieces for offset printing and 1 piece for digital printing or screen printing. We constantly strive to make all bags unique and the best offer in their respective segments. We are committed to customer satisfaction, therefore we expand our offer with new types, sizes as well as designs and refinements.

from our customers

Paper bags - Excellent advertising medium

We produce universal advertising paper bags, as well as versions for special occasions and celebrations. Our Exclusive series premium paper bags with printed company logos are perfect for trade fairs, events and presentations. They provide a perfect and elegant advertising medium. For those who appreciate care for the environment, we have prepared an equivalent product from the Classic Eco + eco-friendly series.

We are looking forward to working with you. You can always count on our professionalism, punctuality, high quality and an advantageous price offer. We produce the best advertising bags. As a manufacturer, we can offer the best price!

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