Duet – paper bags manufacturer is a reliable and proven business partner. We are very impressed by the attention paid to the smallest production detail - from graphic design, through printing and execution, to timely delivery of the paper bags. Professional service, very quick and helpful contact. We recommend cooperation with duet - manufacturer of paper bags. Our company has been cooperating with duet since 2021.

The projects completed with DUET to date prove that it is a reliable and professional business partner. Timely, top-quality completions, professional advice and a friendly service are the arguments that determine the willingness to come back with further projects to work on together in the future. Recommended and appreciated.

Łukasz Łukasik

Bags highly recommended! Wonderful help and advice in material selection – and the final look is exactly what we expected! We are very pleased :)

Ewelina Bartkiewicz

As Frank Zappa said, a mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it's not open. Cooperation with Piotr is like flying with an open parachute on a cloudless day. There's adrenaline, but it's beautiful and very safe. To all those who have dreams in their work and like what they do – highly recommended.

Milena Szymańska

"Little people compete. Big people cooperate. GREAT people help" – thank you for your cooperation, the most beautiful bags, patience and kind words.

Agata Krystosiak
Project Manager – Dziecięca Fantazja (Children's Fantasy) Foundation

I am a very satisfied customer of Duet. The bags are of high quality and the cooperation with the manufacturer is exemplary. Any suggestions are always taken into account and orders are delivered on time. Bags made according to the guidelines have a perfect colour of both the print and the ribbon. Highly recommended.

Ida Szczecińska
Novia Blanca

The right people with Piotr at the forefront provide very good designs!

Małgorzata Rogala
Owsiana Manufaktura

"Cooperation with DUET is exemplary from the moment of placing an order to the moment of receiving the product. The range of bags is wide and offered at competitive prices. Additionally, out comfort is increased by the availability of bag samples and visualisations prepared before placing an order. We appreciate the high quality of the materials used, including the eco-friendly ones and quick lead times".

MIK Maciej Pajączkowski

Bags made by DUET are characterized by high quality, customisation and are made on time. The cooperation is very reliable and fully satisfactory. We recommend DUET with full conviction as a trustworthy, reliable partner in business


The cooperation with Piotr and the Duet team is sensational. Piotr is always available, committed and chivalrously meets all challenges. The result is top quality bags, made on time, carefully packaged, at a very competitive price. Whoever comes with new projects, will definitely not find a better company to make bags or other items. Highly recommended.

Anna Prodhomme
Whisky & Rhum

"We recommend Duet. The orders are completed on time and with the utmost care. We are satisfied with the cooperation so far and we intend to continue it".


Our cooperation so far has proved that Duet meets all the requirements that can be set for a printing house, from excellent service, through quality and punctuality, to the complexity of service. We recommend using the services of this company to everyone who is looking for professional service and product of the highest quality. Taking into account the above, I would like to recommend the services of Duet, while wishing them further success.


Segafredo Zanetti Poland regularly cooperates with Duet, in the field of ordering gift paper bags. The company provides services in a professional and timely manner, meeting the expectations of the client. We recommend Duet as a proven, reliable business partner who carries out orders reliably and according to established guidelines.

Anna Klasa

We highly recommend cooperation with Duet Paper Bags. Every order of bags from Duet is characterized by incredible professionalism. Punctuality, quality of products, contact, competitive prices are just a few of the advantages of the company. Duet can be treated as an example of efficient customer service. Duet is a team of specialists who always stand up to the challenge and are able to save even the most demanding project.


We had the pleasure to use the cooperation with Duet in the production of premium paper bags for our customers. We appreciate quick calculations, professional advice, on-time delivery and a wide range of finishing options for our prints. We recommend Duet as reliable and timely partner☺ Sincerely,

Magdalena Kowalczyk – Małas
Owner of PRYM Drukarnia Offsetowa S.C.

P.P.H.U.DUET Piotr Bęben is worth recommending, it operates in a solid and reliable manner. The ordered goods are delivered very quickly. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Sincerely, W.Radoń Printing House Office

Thank you very much for your cooperation. Working with you is pure pleasure. The offered goods are of very good quality, which cannot be taken for granted with other suppliers when printed in dark graphite. Thank you very much on behalf of Pestila team for your cooperation.

Michał Rogaczewski

OVB would like to express its satisfaction both with the high quality of products offered by Duet, such as gift bags and wine bags, as well as with the comprehensive service at each stage of the order completion. We have cooperated with Duet many times and our expectations were always met and orders were delivered on time. We can certainly recommend Duet, their products are great for any promotional events.

Marek Dobrowolski

We recommend Duet – manufacturer of paper bags to all those who appreciate professional approach to the customer, very high quality products and services. Unique bags produced on time, with diligence, reliability and punctuality. The company has a well-equipped machinery park and professional equipment, it is a reliable and trustworthy partner, characterised by modern methods of cooperation, professionalism and openness towards the customer. Timely, efficient completion of the order has also contributed to the fact that Duet fully deserves our recognition and further recommendation.

Printing House MODUSS Sp. z o.o.

High quality, good communication, best value for money.


Highly recommended, complete professionalism!

Agata Sobczak

We have been cooperating with Duet for years. Their products are characterised by high quality of workmanship and exemplary finish, while the ratio of this quality to price is one of the best on the market. Professional customer service will provide a comprehensive answer to every question about the offered articles and topics related to pricing, delivery and modifications. Highly recommended.


Serious, friendly and energetic, these are three very important advantages of Piotr's company – Duet. I can safely recommend it to everyone and am looking for more cooperation of this order with companies in Poland.

Robert Gronowski

I learned about Duet from friends, just the name. When I received an order to make paper bags, printed in full colour + additional UV foil refinement, also a large area of about 75 percent of the surface, I trusted Duet and placed an order to make 1000 bags. Of course, before ordering, I sent out a lot of technical questions about matching the design to the technology, as a result, the company made all necessary corrections as appropriate to the technology, and most importantly, I asked several times to send in designs with similar graphics and solution and each time I received what I asked for, reliably described. I mention that the order and a lot of questions I asked in December, where the workload was immeasurable and not everyone was able to answer any question. Piotr was always there to help. Cooperation and contact with Duet – all great. RECOMMENDED. Deadline and shipping as agreed. Competent conversation with Piotr and Ewelina. Regards:-) I wish you good luck and I’m looking forward to our next order.


We have been cooperating with the paper bag manufacturer Duet for a number of years and the company provides us with comprehensive services in the production of various types of paper bags. Duet has become known as a reliable, timely contractor of ordered services and the products delivered are characterised by high quality and aesthetics. On the basis of our relations to date, we highly appreciate the professionalism of this company and fully recommend it as a trustworthy and further recommendable contractor in the bag manufacturing industry.

Zbigniew Maćkowiak
President of the Management Board of Print 44 sp. z o.o s.k. in Leszno, printing house

The cooperation with Duet is always flawless. The company is timely, reliable and very helpful. All orders are completed on time and without any complications. Communication is easy and fast, you don't have to keep asking for an answer. Best wishes

Edyta Góra
Double System

"You can count – count on yourself." Not in this case. :) Whenever I sent out an inquiry, I could always expect a quick and specific answer. For several years of cooperation I haven't been disappointed even once - always a well-made product and on time! There were also some nice surprises when the order was completed faster. I know that I can always rely on Duet.

Patrycja Tusińska

Duet is solid, on time and very customer friendly. The products are flawless. Overall, I am very satisfied with the cooperation and I can attest to that. We have been cooperating for 10 years.

Angelika Rogalska-Malinowska
Czarno na białym advertising agency

We recommend Duet as a trustworthy partner. Bags made with due care and attention to every detail. A great advantage is the professional assistance of the whole team at every stage from design to order completion. Highly recommended!

Marcin Bałaj
Client Service Director Brave Brain

A company worth recommending – with qualities that are very welcome during cooperation. Very good quality of offered products – always delivered on time. Professional advice and very nice service :)


A company worth recommending – with qualities that are very welcome during cooperation. Very good quality of offered products – always delivered on time. Professional advice and very nice service :)

AP Grupa

Duet products are characterised by excellent quality of workmanship, aesthetics and high durability. Cooperation with the company was exemplary at every stage of implementation – from design to selection of details. The experienced team was extremely helpful and offered their support. Reliability, professionalism and punctuality in order completion. Recommended.

IBS Poland

Working with Duet is pure bliss. Excellent communication, attention to detail, high quality products. Reliability, punctuality and, above all, wonderful people with Piotr at the forefront. I can recommend this company with a clear conscience.

Agnieszka Mazan-Kostecka
Anabasis Production, CEO

Our cooperation has been going on for many years and we have the highest opinion about your company, its professional communication and punctuality. Piotr has repeatedly saved us from various troubles.

BTL FORMS Effective Advertisin
Managing Director

We recommend cooperation with DUET - manufacturer of paper bags from Krosno. All projects were carried out in a planned manner and we had no reason for any complaints, we could count on support with samples. The scope of the offer is sufficient and the persons responsible for the order completion are concrete, down-to-earth and always helpful.

EBLIS B&L team

I can recommend Duet. Personalised high quality bags – both prints and used materials. Professional approach and good contact. Made quickly, efficiently and at the highest level.

Katarzyna Karczewska
Purchasing Specialist ETERNO

I am very pleased with the cooperation. The company is reliable, courteous, very accurate – workmanship: highest score!

Danuta Urbańska
Lady D

“Torby Duet” has become known as a professional partner, who reliably fulfils its obligations, thanks to expertise. We are very satisfied with the cooperation and appreciate the high quality of services provided.


I am very satisfied with the cooperation with P.P.H.U. "Duet" Piotr Bęben in the scope of placed orders. The company efficiently and punctually completed a number of projects for us. Their comprehensive approach to questions, doubts and ideas, as well as careful adjustment of the work process to our needs and expectations are especially worth emphasising. All this makes P.P.H.U. "Duet" Piotr Bęben strongly recommended by Marketingowo Advertising Agency.

Martyna Błaszczuk
Marketingowo Advertising Agency

I have been using the services of Duet for years and I am very satisfied. Each order at the highest level, rapid completion, excellent quality of products, professional advice. Highly recommended!!!

Robert Rachwał

The cooperation with P.P.H.U. "Duet", which delivered the order of paper occasional bags for the Silesian University of Technology, was characterised by a very high commitment and help of competent employees. The contractor has shown great flexibility, knowledge of the industry and timely delivery of services. The received bags perfectly reflected the prepared design.

mgr Joanna Szabłowska

We value the competence and cooperation with DUET very highly. Products prepared by the company – advertising and paper bags – were made in a solid manner and on time, at the highest level. They met our highest expectations. Cooperation with DUET is characterised by a professional approach and commitment to the work process. DUET is a reliable partner who can be recommended as a reliable supplier of materials, in particular premium bags made of high quality paper.

Jolanta Gałązka

Aera Group spółka z o.o. has worked with P.P.H.U "Duet" Piotr Bęben of ul. Floriańska 234 a • 38 - 440 Iwonicz – Zdrój for quite some time. The cooperation runs without any reservations, because P.P.H.U. "Duet" is led by Mr. Piotr Bęben in a professional manner. The projects are completed on time and in full accordance with our clients' requirements. We can express our satisfaction with the high quality of products offered by the company. Let us add that P.P.H.U. "Duet" has a professional graphic design and logistics department, and the high competence of the entire team makes us highly recommend this manufacturer.

CEO of Aera Group spółka z o.o.

DUET is a bag manufacturer you can rely on. For over two years now we have been ordering luxury bags for cosmetics from For Life & Madaga in Brno from this company and it has never failed. We can always rely on the high quality of the ordered bags, meeting delivery deadlines and excellent customer service. We are happy to cooperate with DUET.

Julia Zárubová
Marketing Manager For Life & Madaga Poland

I rate the cooperation with Duet very well. At each stage of its operations, the company is characterised by professionalism, flexibility, punctuality and, most importantly, high quality of services provided. Highly recommended as a trusted and proven partner.

Sebastian Panek
Pomarańcza Sp. z o.o.

I recommend Duet – manufacturer of paper bags. The cooperation so far has been exemplary, each contact with employees and with the boss, Piotr, is concrete and fully professional. Short lead times are worth emphasising, always kept as agreed. The products offered are of high quality, always solidly and safely packed for transport. Irma's team demonstrates high personal culture and creates a pleasant atmosphere. Everyone is kind, reacts quickly to every inquiry, is willing to solve every customer problem. Recommended, a reliable partner.

Anna Szczepańska
Sales Director

"The completion of orders at Duet is an example of how cooperation between people should look like. Immediate contact, compromise on the lead time, high quality of the product always kept at the same level, coordination during the production process. I recommend working with Duet - this is premium class"

Artur Bulba

"Working with DUET is pure pleasure! It is not only a professional, but also a very reliable company. The quality of the bags is impressive for us and also for our customers. Wholeheartedly recommended! ☺ ”


We highly recommend working with Duet Paper Bags. Each order is made and prepared with the utmost care, quality and punctuality. Duet is the epitome of professionalism – recommended!


We had the opportunity to order from TORBY DUET several times and our orders were always carried out at the highest level. Professional service, professional advice, very good quality and timely delivery. And all this in a nice atmosphere. Recommended.

Anna Pochłopień
Marketing, Lakma Strefa Sp. z o.o.

Thank you for an instant quote and professional contact!

Damian Lewek

Professional service and very quick completion.

Łukasz Jaracz

Very good contact!


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! :) Awesome contact, great quality bags, deadlines are always met.

Patrycja Welew

Very high quality products, professional approach and contact with the company is pure pleasure. We can safely recommend Duet!


Duet is a reliable partner. At every stage of production – attention to detail and quality. We have been cooperating for years without any problems. Each of our wishes as to the appearance of the product or finish was met 100%. A reliable company not only by name!

Henryka Marciniak

We highly recommend cooperation with Duet. 100% satisfaction with the quality of the products. The deadline is set individually and yet the shipment always arrives ahead of schedule. A helpful and reliable company!

NKC GRAFION Advertising Agency

Duet is very reliable and timely. Always eager to talk and take on new challenges. We have been cooperating for a few years now, always smooth cooperation and good contact with the customer representative. Recommended!

Wioletta Frąckowiak
torby duet
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