Exclusive – printed paper bags

Premium printed advertising bags, offering outstanding design and workmanship, are chosen by customers focusing on the highest quality. They are distinguished by the reinforced top fold and bottom of the paper bag and high quality printing. As a manufacturer of paper bags, we offer the possibility of customising all elements of the bags according to the individual needs of the customer.

Indispensable at fairs, presentations – personalised packaging for exclusive gifts.

Choose a product that is made entirely in Poland and can become a showpiece for your brand.

Individual advertising bag design

We provide full assistance from the design stage, through the selection of appropriate paper grammage, types of refinements and accessories for advertising bags, such as handle types or functional accessories.

Knowledge and experience, as well as positive opinions of customers, allow us to boldly claim that the paper bags we produce are a product of the highest quality.

Step-by-step instructions for designing the bag according to your own concept (e.g. selection of foil type, printing, handle type, closing methods and others) are available for download in the form of a catalogue at the bottom of the “product specification” section, located in the black box below.

Orders can be placed by phone, e-mail or through a special form.

The minimum order size is only 100 pcs.

Torby papierowe z nadrukiem

Product specification

  • any format and personalisation of the product from 100 pieces!


  • bags made of carefully selected papers and chalk overlay cardboard, designed for bags with a grammage of 170 – 300 g/m2,
  • possibility of making a bag of coloured paper with the grammage of 210 g/m2,
  • possibility of using non-standard paper depending on the customer’s individual preferences,
  • min. 450 g/m2 cardboard reinforcement of the bottom, min. 900 g/m2 cardboard reinforcement of the top fold,
  • the bags are glued only with special tapes, thus guaranteeing the appropriate durability and strength of the adhesive bond.

Types of printing and refining:

  • offset printing with the possibility to print the entire surface of the bag in CMYK or Pantone colour system,
  • possibility to print in full colour, also inside the bag,
  • matte, glossy, soft touch, anti-scratch or structural film,
  • spot UV varnish (e.g. selected elements of the bag glossy, entire bag surface matte),
  • hot-stamping (e.g. selected elements of the bag made with hot-stamped gold foil),
  • embossing and debossing (e.g. logotype),
  • calendering (giving the bag a unique structure),
  • possibility of using other/non-standard refinements according to the customer’s individual preferences.

*refining methods can be combined.

Types of handles and finishes:

  • cotton or synthetic cord with a length suited to the size or requested by the customer,
  • satin, baize or cotton ribbon tied in a knot, or glued into the top fold,
  • possibility of placing metal eyelets (available in different colours) in the holes through which the cord or ribbon is threaded,
  • die-cut handle in any shape,
  • die-cut handle with flap and easy closing system using double-sided tape,
  • die-cut handle with flap and convenient Velcro closing system,
  • die-cut handle with flap and ribbon to tie a bow,
  • closing in the form of a ribbon glued into the top fold, used to tie a bow,
  • closing slot + ribbon to tie a bow.

Possibility to design any shape of a bag or individual solution also from 100 pieces.

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Proposed bag closing solutions

Completed projects

If you don’t know it yet – quality, premium, and elegant paper bags are a reliable and relatively cheap way to advertise your brand. Our printed products work well as advertising gadgets. Packing the articles and goods sold by your company in aesthetic printed paper bags will help to reinforce the brand in the minds of your clients.

Are you a trainer? Our printed paper bags are dedicated to you. During conferences and training sessions, the hosts distribute a lot of advertising gadgets with printed company name and logo. Isn’t it a perfect solution to pack them in a durable bag that matches the colours and brand book of your company? Placing an advertising print on the entire surface will attract the attention of passers-by and help to expand the target for your brand. Depending on your needs, we can make a print on bags in any size.

Laminated advertising bags with appropriately selected refinements are a great solution for companies that want to leave their mark and make a good impression. Handing out gadgets or sweets in a premium printed bag will make the hotel stay or business meeting remain in the memory of the client for longer.

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